Christopher Gerhart | Crescent Event Productions

My experience with Warren has been nothing short of incredible. In the 5 years that I’ve known and worked with Warren, he has brought a level of stability and success to my organization that was unparalleled in the years prior. I can’t say enough about the value of Warren’s systematic approach business planning and development, and I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone seeking ongoing coaching and strategic business development advice.

Christopher Gerhart | Crescent Event Productions

Working with Warren helped us as a company to zero in on our strengths and weaknesses. With Warren's guidance, we were able to recognize the areas that needed improvement while coming up with resourceful ways to address the issues and find ways to streamline our process.

Tonya Ward | D P Contracting & Consulting, Inc.

Warren is a joy to work with. He understands small and large businesses and can give excellent advice for growing your business by making small changes. He quickly analyzes your field of expertise and thinks outside the box to help you grow.

Donna Brown | HC Wellness Center & Spa

Julie Bee.jpg

After only 4 months of working with Warren, I am no longer frustrated on a daily basis, BeeSmart Social Media is growing quickly, and I have a strategic plan to move forward. I enjoy working on my business again. I know exactly what I need to do every day to grow my business, and Warren holds me accountable for taking action, to make sure I'll reach the goals we've set. All of these items add up to a healthy business, and a business owner (me) who is looking forward to a very profitable future.

Julia Bee | BeeSmart Social Media

Warren has a sixth sense for helping business owners determine the problems with their company and he has expertise in how to overcome adversity and map out plans for the future. Warren is professional, dedicated and has an awesome personality. I would recommend him to any business owner, new or established, large and small, struggling or successful...Warren can help them all!

Ed McAfee | Locus Real Estate Advisors

I can truly say that Warren was instrumental in helping me realize how fragmented my focus was. As a business owner, we all wear a lot of hats, and I felt pulled in a lot of directions. After meeting with Warren, I was able to identify and shed many superfluous things I had in my life. I am more focused and business is as good as it's ever been.

Frank Schwartz | LEC Media


Working with Warren helped me to articulate my vision and mission in a simple one-page business plan so that my business would have a clearer path toward success. He asked the critical questions and provided objective insight. If you feel as though you are too busy to work on your business plan; that you are covered up with work; and that you have more pressing things to do; then NOW is exactly the time to meet with Warren and establish your true priorities!

Harris Morrison | Harris Morrison Company


I was extremely uncomfortable talking to clients about money. Because Warren convinced me to raise my prices, I saw a 5-digit increase in my Trademark practice last year, while still being able to offer lower rates to friends or to nonprofits that I care about. Warren’s monthly coaching fee paid for itself and was well worth the investment. I would recommend any business owner to at least have a discussion about where you are and where you want to be.

Paula Yost | U.S. Patent and Trademark Attorney The Country Law Shack


As a managing partner in a growing law practice, I don’t always have the time to analyze my results so I can identify ways we can be more efficient and profitable. Warren helps keep me focused on my firm’s productivity, and is a consistent reminder to make sure our systems and processes are keeping up with our growth. He has helped me put together a plan for the future success of the firm, and keeps me accountable to the steps necessary to make those plans a reality. I can highly recommend him to any business owner who wants to grow their business, analyze costs and productivity, or plan for the future.

Zachary M. Moretz | Moretz & Skufca, PLLC


Warren has been of great assistance in the growth of my Finance and Accounting recruiting business. Through his disciplined, organized approach to planning I am now much better able to focus on the urgent and important and drive my business forward. This has allowed me to continue to grow my short-term revenues and also plan and implement processes and tools which further establish Advance Resources as an ongoing, viable company. This has also had the unexpected result of reducing my stress. Warren is a good listener. As my trust in his suggestions grew he also has served as an accountability source for me. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the progress we have made and look forward to further improved results!

Warren Deustch | Advance Resources, LLC


Warren is a self-motivated business professional who makes things happen and has significantly helped me to define, grow and put my newly formed company on track to meet my goals. His interpersonal skills and integrity are top-notch and he would be a benefit to any organization looking to organize, streamline and manage growth for the future in these difficult economic times.

Eric Firkin | Innovative C2 Solutions, LLC