Private Coaching

If you're ready to make the commitment for real change in your business, my private coaching program includes dedicated time on a regular basis to dig deep into your goals for your business, make them real, measurable and accountable. We work closely together to create a solid plan based on where you want to take your business, identify what stands in the way, and the actions necessary to overcome them.

Private business coaching involves a 6-12 month commitment because real change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedicated time and effort to see the results you want.

One-Day Business Coach


This is one VIP day dedicated 100% to focusing on your business. My goal is for you to feel “unstoppable” after this special day. Most importantly I want you to leave these sessions clear, energized, and excited by the possibilities ahead.

It starts with a strategy session by phone to talk in advance about your business and customize the perfect agenda for your VIP day. A week or two after our day together, we will have a follow-up coaching session to share progress, go over any questions you may have and fine-tune your amazing plan.


Group Coaching


Group coaching is an opportunity to not only get the training, counsel and advice you need but also learn in a setting that encourages interaction with others in similar circumstances.

This program is a 4-month series of monthly virtual meetings, combining a specific curriculum of topics, tools, worksheets and tips with open discussion and sharing among a small group of like-minded participants. The groups are intimate, with no more than ten people per group, allowing for greater interaction and accountability between participants.


Online Training


Online business coaching is designed for startups, solopreneurs, and very small businesses. You need support, guidance and solid advice about how to achieve the growth you want, but can't find it within reach due to limited cash flow. If that describes your situation, you can benefit from great advice and content in online programs and products that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a private coaching program.

TurningPoint will be introducing new programs and resources on an ongoing basis, keeping fresh, high-value content available so you have the guidance you need, when you need it.


yellow pad website.png

Yellow Pad Sales Machine is an online training program designed to give you the tools you need to create a sales machine in your business — one that delivers predictable results and attracts the customers you really want!

  • 7 training videos with in-depth instruction.
  • Additional interview videos that give you more insight into the material and why it is so crucial to your success.
  • Downloadable tools and templates that maximize what you learn by putting it into writing.
  • AND….a forum for interaction and discussion with other participants in the training. Share ideas, learn what works and doesn’t work for them, pose questions about the material and get the answers you need.