Reaching for Consistent Sales Growth

Trying to grow your small business? Who isn't?! Growth requires new customers and new revenue. Where do they come from ? How do you find them and convince them to spend with you? More importantly, how can you do this in a way that is consistent and predictable? Spotty sales results is a major issue for most small businesses, and only a few find a solution.

Creating steady sales growth takes consistent action backed by a process that ensures you keep it up. Other than luck or "right place-right time" serendipity, intentional action is the engine that drives steady sales growth.

What is a sales process, you ask? It's all the steps you follow to identify prospects, interact with them, learn and qualify their needs, recommend your solutions, make the sales, and collect their money! Believe it or not, every sale is more similar than you may think. If each one is completely different, it's pretty tough to build in consistency. So it's important look for the common elements and basic components of the process. 

Below are 8 important questions to help you define your sales flow, strengthen your process and improve your results.

  1. Who are you targeting, where are they, and how do you reach them?

  2. How do you reach out, make a connection, and develop a relationship?

  3. How do you qualify their need, budget, and timing? (Contacting them is one thing; qualifying them is another.)

  4. How do you develop and deliver your recommendations?

  5. How do you get a commitment, a signature, a contract?

  6. What happens once an agreement is achieved? How is your solution delivered?

  7. How do you ensure their satisfaction? (You should measure it objectively!)

  8. How do you get referrals from satisfied customers?

Remember: Systems run the business, and you run the systems! The better the system or process, the better the result, and the more prepared you will be to scale your business up to its potential.