5 Ways to Boost Your Sales

Someone once said, “There are few problems that three more sales won’t solve!”

Would three more sales make a difference in your business, and your life? If so, then it is imperative that you increase your chances of making those sales happen! Here are five ideas to help you jazz up your sales efforts:

1. Improve your aim. 
How well do you know your target? Are you focusing on the right prospects? Be sure you know exactly who makes the best customer, and aim carefully!

2. Farm your base. 
Your current customers are in the best position to give you more of their money! Take a look at what else you can offer them. Perhaps an upgrade, or a package that combines services at an enticing price. Their wallets are already open.

3. Refresh your message. 
Take a fresh look at how you are communicating your value in the marketplace. Even the most successful sales people need to refresh their sales pitch every now and then to stay at the top of their game.

4. Get better at the close. 
What percentage of prospects you talk to end up buying? If you aren’t sure, begin tracking the conversion rate. The close ratio for top performing companies is about 46%; average companies 29%; lagging companies 19%. Focus on where you can improve!

5. Make the call.
If you find yourself hesitating when it’s time to call or visit new prospects, fight the urge to talk yourself out of it. Don’t let yourself off the hook. Nothing happens until somebody sells something!